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How can I get an admission to study at FAU Busan?
For the admission, all applicants have to take a multiple choice written exam and oral test/interview to prove their understanding of the majors, a problem-solving ability and English communication skills. The admission examination will include questions about the fundamentals of each department involved in the study program. Currently, FAU Busan provides following major modules to the students
What is the main language used in classes at the FAU Busan?
English will be the language of instruction during all lectures, courses and classes. Apart from that, FAU Busan will provide German language programs to all students as well. This will help the students who want to work for German companies or to continue their studies in Germany after graduation - which FAU Busan encourages.
Is there a dormitory for the students?
FAU Busan has made a reservation on a guest house of the Busan Techno Park and prepared an appropriate number of apartments (single/double) for students who prefer to live near the FAU Busan facilities. All students can stay in a dormitory, and a certain amount of dormitory fee will be charged. If there are students who prefer to live closer to the center of Busan, FAU Busan will assist with finding apartments in the Hadan district which has both an underground connection to the town center and a shuttle-bus connection to the Busan Techno Park.
Will the access courses be taught at the FAU Busan Campus or in Germany?
Can you give details how they will be organized?
The access courses will be taught at the FAU Busan Campus. Depending on the ratio between students who pass the entrance exam directly and students who need further basic knowledge from the access courses (FAU Busan can only estimate that ratio before the first intake of students) FAU Busan is considering different models of how to handle the access courses. The model most likely to be implemented is that the participants of access courses can take those classes during a preliminary semester with a reduced tuition fee. After passing the exam at the end of that semester, they will be promoted to the regular 4-semester Master course.
My major is not directly related to Chemical and Bioengineering. Can I apply?
(ex: Material Science, other fields of engineering, natural sciences like Chemistry or Biology)
Apart from applications by Chemical and Bioengineering graduates, applications with other engineering or natural science majors will also be appreciated depending on the scope of the fields covered (as shown in the transcript of records) and the basic knowledge of Engineering, Chemistry and Biology that can be tested in the interview. Better do not miss the opportunity and try to apply.
In case that I cannot submit the official certificate of English ability within the application period, is it impossible to apply??
According to the entrance regulations of FAU Busan, submitting an official certificate of English ability is the standard procedure. However, the certificate is only a criterion for the document screening to estimate your English ability. Your English ability will be evaluated finally at the interview with the professors, thus if you have a document (ex: certificate of career at an international company, certificate of studying abroad) which proves your English proficiency, it can replace the above-mentioned language certificate.
Is FAU Busan planning to support the students with tuition fee as the scholarship in 2012?
FAU Busan supports the admitted students with tuition fee for the first semester. From the second semester on, the prolongation of the support depends on the performance of the student. Students who prove their excellence and commitment to research activities are supposed to receive continuous support. Since the number of students at FAU Busan will be kept small, the evaluation can be done individually. There will be no quota system which limits the availability of scholarships to a certain percentage of the students.
Is there a minimum standard of credit to apply?
FAU Busan has not set a minimum standard of credit since we put more emphasis on commitment to research and studying, a detailed studying plan and sufficient knowledge in the relevant areas than on credit for high accomplishment. You can apply if you meet these requirements, even if your credit may seem to you as not being excellent enough.