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Title Minister Yoon visited FAU Busan
Date 2014.04.01

Press release

Minister Yoon, Sang-Jick, promoting foreign engineering educational
institute as an exemplary model for academic and industrial cooperation
- Visit to FAU Busan Campus –

Minister Yoon visited FAU Busan Campus

MoTIE Minister Yoon, Sang-Jick visited FAU Busan Campus in BJFEZ on Mar.19
(Wednesday), 2014 and had lab tour and discussions with professors and students.

  • The visit aims to discover an exemplary model for training excellent engineers throughout academic and industrial cooperation, and FAU Busan is an excellent example of innovative filed-focused education.
  • FAU ranks 7th among 300 German universities and 4th in the field of Chemical Bioengineering. FAU Busan Campus operates Master program in Chemical and Bioengineering and laboratory since FAU Busan got MoE’s approval for its establishment in 2009.
    - 6 departments: BVT, LSTM, MVT, LTT, CRE, EBVT
  • FAU Busan offers German engineering education, taught by FAU professors, and students receive the same degree as the mother university.
  • Students of FAU Busan can study at FAU Erlangen for one semester, participate in mandatory internship in global companies such as Siemens, Bayer etc. in Germany and have a chance to become global engineers.
    - 1st generation students who graduated in 2013 completed their internships at Bayer Technology, Krones, Boehringer Ingelheim and Südzucker. 10 students in their 4th and 5th semester are now doing their internship in German companies.
  • This field focused German education contributes to maintain technical skills and to stabilize labor market for the young by training professional manpower, and this can be a basis to foster globally active hidden champions in their fields.
    - The number of German SMS companies (number of employee: 500, annual sales: 50 million EURO below) are approx. 3.6 million companies which take up 99.7% of total companies, 51.8% for economic growth and 60.8% of total employment.
    - FAU provides students with internship opportunity throughout MOU with SMS companies such as AKEMI, TWT and Krones.
  • There was professors and students discussions with Mr. Schoeck Chancellor of FAU, Mr. Mafaeal, German Ambassador, Mr. Younghwal, Lee, BMC vice mayor for economic affair, and Korean and German high ranking representatives.

    During the discussion, German education and research were introduced, and students presented their internship experience in German companies. The Minister shared view of student internship experience and FAU’s close ties with industries.
  • The Minister Yoon said, “We will establish academic and industrial cooperation model in Korean universities throughout policy and financial support for foreign educational institutes in Korea in order to innovate Korean engineering education which leads to job creation and enhancement of industrial competitiveness.

    Students’ statement
  • Lee, Suhyang (5th semester) “I worked in the environment and energy center of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST Europe). I did environmental toxicity assessment of cyanobacteria. I did not only do technical experiments, but I learned how researchers make up ideas and materialize them.”
  • Rheu, Kyoungmin(2nd semester) “FAU Busan offers German style education which is different from Korean and even American style in the sense that students think and not just memorize the facts.”
  • Jung, Sunhwa(Doctoral candidate, graduate of FAU Busan) “I completed an internship in a German company (Krones) for half a year. I had the chance to apply the knowledge to a real field. Therefore, I decided to pursue my doctoral degree at FAU Busan to gain more experience and develop even further”

    The government and FAU will make joint efforts to successfully establish engineering model with academic and industrial cooperation in Korea.

    FAU will be promoted as innovative model for engineering education.
  • We will try to train professional manpower who perfectly fits in pharmaceutical, energy and chemical field through German engineering education.
  • MOU with German companies in Korea will offer internship and employment opportunities for students and graduates.
  • We will establish cooperative relationship with German companies in Korea such as Siemens etc. in pharmaceutical, energy and chemical field by utilizing academic and industrial cooperation network of FAU
  • The government, mainly BMC and BJFEZ will lead to cooperate with local companies to offer programs for the companies.
  • FAU Busan campus will provide short courses for engineering and chemistry and train people for industry.

    We will give more opportunities to foreign engineering universities to participate in national R&D projects.
  • For more participation in national R&D projects of foreign universities in Korea, we will review on setting up global technology project that foreign universities in Korea and foreign R&D center can participate.
  • We will provide English research proposal and business application and establish Database of foreign engineering professors in Korea to help them participate in planning and evaluation of international joint research.
  • Foreign universities in Korea will be able to participate in “industrial master and doctoral program” to spread excellent foreign technological ability.
  • Since FAU Busan campus needs financial support for operation, the government will review on additional financial support depending on results of ongoing performance evaluation of FAU Busan.
  • FAU Busan tries to establish bachelor program, and the government will work with BMC and BJFEZ, establish Myoungji Global Campus and integrate education and research institutes.
  • FAU Busan Campus set up a plan for financial independence by establishing bachelor program in 2017.
  • The government will support other foreign engineering universities such as SUNY Korea, Utah university, Gent University etc. to become exemplary model for academic and industrial cooperation.
Minister Yoon visited FAU Busan Campus Minister Yoon visited FAU Busan Campus Minister Yoon visited FAU Busan Campus

The Minister Yoon, Visit to FAU Busan Campus

MoTIE Minister Yoon, Sangjick visited FAU (Friedrich Alexander University) Busan Campus in Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone, which is an excellent example of field-focused education, having a conversation with authorities from FAU Busan.

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