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Title EDRC project of FAU Busan Campus, awarded as an excellent project for 2015
Date 2015.10.26

Prof. Antonio Delgado and a student of FAU Busan Campus were awarded for their excellent performances in industrial cooperation and education in 2015 EDRC forum, sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and organized by the Korea Institute of the Advancement of Technology(KIAT) on October 21, 2015.

Prof. Antonio Delgado

Prof. Antonio Delgado
Director of LSTM

FAU Busan Campus (project leader: Prof. Antonio Delgado, participants: Dae-Gone Nam, Jannik Gross, Jose Rodriguez Agudo) has been participating in Engineering Development Research Center (hereafter, EDRC) project, the national R&D project funded by KIAT under MoTIE, and has been conducting a research on “Characterization of the concentration, residence time and droplet size of oil/water emulsions at processing by a separator” in cooperation with Samsung Heavy Industry (Marine System Technology Center, Oil & Gas Process Research Part) for 6 months from February, 2015.
After completion of the project, Prof. Delgado received a citation for his dedication and excellent performance of the project in the evaluation of EDRC project for 2015.

EDRC excellent project award
EDRC project award

(Citation for Prof. Antonio Delgado,
Mr. Jose Rodriguez Agudo received
a citation for Prof. Delgado)

In addition, Mr. Sinyoung Kwon, a Master student of FAU Busan Campus was awarded as an excellent student under the 2nd Global Engineering Human Resources Training Program, organized by EDRC in 2015.

EDRC excellent student award
EDRC student award

(Award for Mr. Sinyoung Kwon,
a Master student of
FAU Busan Campus)

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