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Vision of FAU Busan Campus

This German University in Korea is a challenging project of Friedrich-Alexander University which considers the growing tendency in globalization of academic education.

Our goal is to bring the best traditions and skills of German teaching, engineering and research to Korea as a place which has developed to a leading, highly industrialized country. Cooperation with Korean universities, and of Korean and German companies with FAU Busan will enhance the technological level of both countries.

The FAU Busan Branch is combined with a Research Center which is directly connected with the Graduate School. The scientific staff will be involved in both, research and teaching within the Graduate School program. Beginning with the first semester the students will participate in the research work.They will learn how to plan and conduct scientific experiments systematically and, by student exchange with the mother university at Erlangen, will gain experience in international teamworking.

The Friedrich-Alexander University intends the Research Center to be a platform for exchange between industrial companies and research organizations in both, Germany and Korea. The Research Center aims to provide expertise for the East Asian branches of FAU's German industrial partner companies, as well as for Korean companies, with new ideas in the field of Chemical and Bioengineering. Ideal conditions will be created for mutual research projects.

In addition to this applied research, the Research Center will also be seeking joint projects of a more theoretical nature with Korean universities, research institutes or foundations. After graduation the young diploma engineer has the chance to either find a job at one of the partners in the industry or to continue research at the University with a doctorate.