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The organization of FAU Busan reflects, on a smaller scale, the basic structure of a German state university.
Whereas the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is managed by a President who is responsible for all academic affairs and a Chancellor as the head of the administration, FAU Busan is led by a Branch Campus President and an Administration Director. The Branch Campus President coordinates the activities of the FAU institutes participating in the Research Center and supervises as well as teaches in the Graduate School master program. The Administration Director simultaneously holds the position of a Managing Director of the operating company FAU Busan GmbH. He controls financial affairs, human resources, student administration and related matters.
Branch Campus President and Vice President (Professors): 2
Administration Director and Administrative Staff: 7
Scientists (Professors): 7
Laboratory and Workshop Assistants: 2
The permanent staff will be joined temporarily by the chair-holding professors from the institutes based at Erlangen, Germany, and by visiting researchers from industrial companies or other German universities during the semester.