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FAU Busan is located in the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone which stretches from the Western Gangseo district of Busan to the town of Jinhae in the bordering South Kyungnam province. The campus lies within close distance to Busan-Gimhae International Airport.
How to get to
FAU Busan Campus
In case of arrival at Gimhae International Airport
by taxi (approx. 35 minutes)

In case of arrival by train
1. From Busan Station, take the Subway Line 1 heading towards Sinpyeong. Get off at Hadan Station and either take the shuttle bus '12' (30 minutes interval) / (approx. 30 minutes) or a taxi with direction to Jisa-Dong, Busan Techno Park (approx. 20 minutes)
2. From Gupo Station, take a taxi (approx. 30 minutes)

In case of using public transportation
1. Take the Subway Line 1 heading towards Sinpyeong and get off at Hadan Station, then take the shuttle bus '12' (30 minutes interval)/ (approx. 30 minutes)
2. Get off at the Gupo Station(Subway line 4), then take the shuttle bus '7-2'(1 hour interval) / (approx. 40 minutes)

In case of going by car
1. Leave the expressway at Garak IC and head towards Busan New Port (approx. 20 minutes)
FAU Busan Campus
1276 Jisa-Dong, Gangseo-Gu, BUSAN 618-230 REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Prof. Dr. Rainer Buchholz Branch Campus President
Phone +82 51 899-8010
Fax +82 51 899-8001

Administration & Student Services Team
(FAU Busan Campus 6F)
Office hours 09:00-18:00
Phone +82 51 899-8000
Fax +82 51 899-8001
FAU Busan GmbH
Schlossplatz 4, 91052 ERLANGEN, GERMANY
Thomas A.H. Schöck Managing Director
Phone +49 9131 85-23202
Fax +49 9131 85-23002
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