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The Graduate School offers the FAU's well-established Master's program in Chemical and Bioengineering. Study subjects will be the same as at the German mother university. Degrees will also be awarded in the name of Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Students will experience a different type of university education since one of the genuine features of the German university system, particularly in science and engineering, is the inseparability of education and research. From an early stage, students will be involved in research activities and encouraged to carry out experiments designed by themselves. Internships at German or other international companies are an essential part of the study program and provide students with a sense of the practical skills needed for their future career.

The program uses a wide range of teaching methods, such as lectures, research projects, group work and presentations, seminars etc. The transfer of knowledge is one important aspect of the program, but the development of interpersonal and communicative skills is just as important for the future growth of the course participants.