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Tuition Fees

At FAU Busan, Korean students can enjoy the benefits of studying abroad without being separated from their families and friends. Students can gain a prestigious international degree without having to bear the higher costs of living in a foreign country.

In order to offer high-value education in engineering according to German standards, FAU Busan will furnish its facilities with state-of-the-art lab equipment and pilot plants. The overwhelming majority of the professors who will teach at the Graduate School come from the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, thus guaranteeing that teaching methods and the research culture will entirely follow the German model, granting students both, guidance and a remarkable level of self-responsibility and freedom in research. Internships at German and other international companies, information about European business culture, and the opportunity to attend German language classes complete the broad range of benefits of studying at FAU Busan.

The value of the education determines its price. As the FAU is investing in order to provide its Chemical and Bioengineering program at Busan, enrolment will also be an investment for its students, an investment that will prove its worth for successful graduates.

The cost of studying (tuition and administration fees) will therefore amount to a total of 5,000 EURO (approximately 7,500,000 Korean Won). According to the Won-Euro rate of exchange, FAU Busan will readjust the fees for every new semester at the start of the respective application period.