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Scholarships and financial support

FAU Busan offers different financial support which will cover the tuition costs.


Korean students will be funded by Korean and German supporting institutions for the first semester. After the first and every following semester the scholarships are awarded to Korean students based on the grade point average and the academic achievement.
The sources of scholarships available to FAU Busan are support programs of the Korean Government, the FAU Busan and private institutions.

Work-study Programs

On-campus jobs are offered to selected students with the best preconditions for participation in research projects. Beside the student skills, FAU Busan will also take into account the financial situation of the student. These students must be recommended by their advising professor.
The availability of funds may influence the amount and the regularity of the scholarship awarded.

Postgraduate Studies / Research Fellowship

From the start, graduates aiming to acquire a German doctoral degree in Engineering (Dr.-Ing.) will have the chance to be employed in third-party funded research projects and will thus also become staff members of FAU Busan.