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Registration & Rules

The FAU Busan Graduate School admits a selected number of students onto the Master's program in Chemical and Bioengineering.

Applicants will have the opportunity to apply for every spring semester, as FAU Busan will admit around 50 students twice a year. FAU Busan does not exclusively address university graduates from South Korea, it also welcomes applicants from Japan, China and other countries in East and Southeast Asia. FAU Busan is looking forward to promoting a spirit of international cooperation and exchange of different perspectives.

Applicants are required to have a Bachelor's degree from a university in South Korea or another country. In order to prove proficiency in English adequate for communicating in an international engineering education and research environment, applicants will also need an official certificate of English ability such as TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE or an equivalent result in a similar recognized language test.
Selected candidates will be invited for an oral entrance exam/interview and written test in English. They will have to demonstrate their knowledge of chemical and bioengineering and their problem-solving skills.
Candidates who successfully pass in all subjects covered by the exam will be admitted unconditionally.

1. Schedule

(1) Application Period - From Sep. 15 to Jan. 15 (Every year)

(2) Qualified applicants will get permission based on the first-come-first-served basis.

(3) How to Apply – Via email AND post (Original documents via post)

Category Due Date How or Where
(via email)
By 6pm on Jan. 15 busan-studies(at)
Submission of documentation By 6pm on Jan. 15 Via email and post
Secondary oral and written test/
interview in English
(only for selected applicants above)
By end of January (individual notification)
FAU Busan Campus (and/or telephone interview if needed)
FAU Busan Campus
(and/or telephone interview if needed)
Announcement of final
successful applicants
By end of January
(individual notification)
Individual notification

✽ The schedule above could be changed as it may chance

2. Areas / Volume of recruitment

Areas Volume

Chemical and Bioengineering

1. Bioprocess Engineering
2. Chemical Reaction Engineering
3. Fluid Mechanics
4. Engineering Thermodynamics
5. Environmental Process Engineering
6. Mechanical Process Technology
50 in Master’s Degree Program

3. Qualification

(1) Bachelor or preparatory bachelor in February with excellent credits
(2) Fluent English, outstanding scholastic ability, sufficient knowledge in the relevant area, enthusiasm for research
(3) Graduates from universities or study programs with English as an instructional language are considered as having proven their ability in English automatically.
However, if needed, TOEFL or IELTS could be requested additionally.
✽ All classes are in English.
(4) Applicants with a Dipl-Ing. Degree from a Fachhochschule (FH) can apply under special conditions.

4. Required documents

Documentation How to Submit
Cover Letter  
Certificate of degree
and Transcript
Via email (PDF attachment) and post
Official Certificate
of English ability
High school diploma or SAT  

✽ Send the documentation to busan-studies(at)
✽ Each document has to be provided as a PDF file.
✽ Every document has to be provided in English.
✽ After sending an email, all the original copies should be delivered via post

(1) Resume, cover letter, diploma, certificate of degree (or preparatory one), transcript of records and the list of subjects which are not on the transcript (only for preparatory bachelor), grade ranking (including information about the whole number of students in the university)
(2) Official certificate of English ability :
Any kind of certificates which can prove your English ability is acceptable (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS etc.)
(3) Not compulsory, but if possible:
Verification of English ability (hours of credits), GATE (only for Indians), GRE
(4) Official document related to university or school:
Certificates which can prove that you took relevant classes

A copy of notarization (if the document is neither in English nor in German, verification of original text translation is compulsory)
(5) High school diploma or SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

5. Procedure - Screening, oral exam / Interview in English

(1) Screening
(2) Oral and written test: only for the selected applicants
Evaluation on the basic knowledge related to major, problem-solving ability and English ability
(3) Interview will be held in English at FAU Busan Campus with a German professor in person and/or if needed, with other professor in Germany on the phone.
✽ No application fee is charged to the applicants to FAU Busan.
✽ Candidates who successfully pass in all the subjects covered by the exams will be unconditionally admitted.

6. Benefit

(1) Acquisition of German University Degree in Korea
      a. Same course work and degree as at the 270 years old traditional German University
      b. 100% English classes by German professors
      c. Practical education utilizing the state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities
(2) Differentiated Student Management and Support
      a. Participation in current research (allowances for research)
      b. Excellent student-professor ratio
      c. International team working through a student exchange program with FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany for a semester
(3) School-Work Links on the Basis of Fundamental and Applied Research
      a. Offering research or internship opportunities with German companies such as Siemens, Audi, Bayer, BMW, and BASF
      b. Providing opportunities to students to participate in the international research projects
(4) Research-oriented University with an opportunity to enter into Europe job market
      a. Support for job and/or research after graduation
      b. Graduates may work as a researcher either at Erlangen or at Busan Campus of FAU.

7. For more information, contact the Student Services Office (SSO) as follows:

(1) Tel: +82-51-899-8000
(2) Email: busan-studies(at)
(3) Address: FAU Busan, 1276 Jisa-Dong, Gangseo-Gu, Busan 618-230
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